Gudrun Wendler
painting iconPAINTING
My paintings are dealing with color. I put thin layers of color on top of each other so that my paintings breathe and vibrate. Following the principle of "less is more" I want to create works of density and intensity.

graphic art iconGRAPHIC Art
My graphic works are series of paper "collages" and calligraphic sketches. I focus on forms (collages) and lines (calligraphy) while color becomes less important. Reducing myself to a minimum of means I feel challenged by the huge scale of possibilities to play with forms and lines, with the contrasts of dark and light, chaos and order, movement and tranquility.

books iconBOOKS
For many years I have worked on "painted books" ("leporellos"), three-dimensional objects made out of cardboard paper. Folding them in different ways they offer the possibility of creating new pictures by various combinations. In a certain sense they are in contrast to my paintings on canvas because they are much more colorful and far from being minimalistic. Recently I have started a new series of "Unikat"-books in which I combine words and fragmentary texts with calligraphical sketches and "collages".

photo art iconPHOTO Art
My photos, pictures seen through a painter's eye and made with an anlogue camera, quite often show nameless places, cities and landscapes. Unspectacular impressions of what everybody might have seen before, but perhaps did not internalize. Joining together photos often taken from the same angle and thus duplicating, triplicating or quadruplicating reality I try to obtain special force and tension.